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Keeping racing off the streets, car enthusiasts rose early on a Sunday and headed to Sepang for MSF Round 5’s first half of the event- the track day. There were 2 sessions to choose from, which participants have booked and paid online. Session one was from 9AM to 11AM, and the second being 11AM to 1PM. It was a busy morning for the crew, as a crowd of participants rushed to check-in all at once. Despite that, the track day showed a controlled, fun environment all around.


The 9AM slot was already full from the online registration. Drivers from this session arrived and picked up their passes from the makeshift registration counter at the entrance of the South Paddock, then headed straight to their pits. Empty slots for the 11AM session were quickly filled up by walk-in participants.


MSF Crew on duty.

It was an interesting walk through the pits, though. Half of the pits were mostly Japanese cars while the other half being Germans. Nevermind the split- everyone seemed to enjoy their time being there. It was everything you could imagine being at the track. The unmistakable smell of rubber and fuel lingered the pit-lane as cars blasted down the back straight at full speed and volume.



Some cars that would be driven later on that day for the race was also seen driving on the track day. Why not, right?


Overall, it is nice to see a full house on a track day. In fact, requests to join the track day kept coming in way after all slots were taken. It shows that motorsports is still relevant in a country where the sport is seen as an expensive hobby.

The beauty of track days is that car fans have the whole circuit to themselves, driving with other like-minded people and keeping the risks off of public roads.

Anyway, going for track days is sort of like clubbing- you want to dance? You go to the club.

With that being said, if you start dancing in public, people would look at you crazy.


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