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Starting this MSF Round 2 on 7-8 April 2018, we are introducing a new concept to our ever popular and ever growing MSF Track Day sessions: MSF Premium Track Day, targeted to a different level of enthusiast that is looking for an even more controlled weekend track day environment with minimum cars.

What is Premium Track Day?
Instead of the usual 85-90 cars sharing the circuit in a 2 hour open track session, our premium track session limits up to only 35 cars at a time. The means that you have less cars on the circuit, for a better quality circuit experience and test session.

How does it work?
Participants are to chose which group they want to join:
– Group A is for cars that lap below 2m50
– Group B is for cars that lap above 2m50
Drivers choose their own group when they register. It really is up to you to choose which group you believe best suits your own driving skill, experience, and lap time.
The idea is to be driving on the circuit with cars of similar speed so you won’t be holding each other up.
Then, each group gets 2 x 30 minute sessions on track.

What do you mean by 2 x 30 minute sessions per group?
Group A will go out first for 30 minutes from 100pm oil 130pm. At the end of the session, the red light will then be shown and Safety Car deployed to bring all the cars back to the pits.
Then Group B will be released for 30 minutes fro 130pm till 200pm. Again, the same thing happens at the end of the session: red lights on, and Safety Car deployed to bring the cars back.
Then at 2pm Group A goes out again. And at 230pm Group B goes out.

But that means I only have 60 minutes of driving time!
This is correct. However, think about the reality: during a normal 2 hours Open Track session, do you really go out and drive on the circuit for a full 2 hours? Most likely the answer is No. You hang around the pit, have a smoke or drink some water. Collectively you spend quite a lot of time in the pit.
And if you are one of those that drives for 1 hour non-stop on the circuit, you shouldn’t!
For track days, we always recommend no more than 30 minutes driving at a time. This is to both take care of the car, as well as allowing the driver to come in for a break and also to have a debrief and think about how he is driving and / or how the car is behaving. It is only when you take a break as a driver do you sit down to think about what you have been doing, and then can adjust your technique or setup as necessary.
So, in reality your ‘on-track’ time is not really any different.

Ok, that makes sense. What else is there that you call it ‘Premium’?
We’ll be preparing a lunch pack and mineral water for all drivers that take the Premium track day pack.
And we are also going to place cones on the circuit to indicate the ideal corner lines.
Most importantly, you won’t be squashed and herded with 85 other cars. Almost undisturbed enjoyment on the circuit to look forward to.

Since it’s premium, why don’t you provide Instructors as well?
Instructors can be arranged at a separate cost. If you would like a professional instructor, do get in touch with us at


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  1. Thavaselvam Tesanggu   March 6, 2018 at 10:51 am

    It may attract some but I am more excited with environment the feature photo you use for the promo epresents. Look at those three beautiful cars going on their paces. A little touge here and there. Some stories to relate to. I don’t prefer the lonely highway scenario so I will stick to regular track day environment hopefully with lesser green horns who cause red flags. Perhaps beginnners need to be in the same pool to avoid pace interruptions.


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