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You think you can talk well in front of 150K viewers in a fast-paced, action-packed, door-to-door intense racing livestream?! No need to talk so much, read below:

Contest Mechanics

  1. -Study the video above. Links will be provided below.
  2. -Use the downloadable link of the video above to overlay your commentary.
  3. -Post it up on your Facebook and tag #MSFcommentatorSearch.
  4. -Post has to be set to PUBLIC.
  5. -The team will choose the Top 3 best commentaries.
  6. -Winners will be contacted via their Facebook messages.
  7. -The Top 3 chosen commentators will be invited to commentate on MSF Finale this 1st December- with allowance, a goodie bag and FREE track day!
  8. -Entry submissions are only up until 15th November 2018, 12PM (Kuala Lumpur time)
  9. -Chosen winners will definitely be invited to commentate on future rounds of MSF.


Click here to study and understand the full race. (1:34:00 onwards)

Click here for the downloadable link of the video above.

Sounds simple? We’ll be waiting for your submissions.

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