Class Is In Session

Class Is In Session


Suresh Naidu is a school teacher from Negeri Sembilan and has always enjoyed the pleasure of driving. This “addiction” has somehow gone to another level for Suresh as he’s now going full throttle, by competing in the MSF Saga Cup race series.

“It all began when I was at the Lotus car club meet when a friend spoke about the MSF series and told us about the Saga Cup. I must admit that my knowledge of racing, building racing cars and so forth is severely limited but after hearing this, I was intrigued by racing and how easily accessible it is to compete. I had never raced before but when R3 then came up with a build and race package, I jumped in!” said Suresh.


Suresh was in the mix during the Enduro round where he and his co-driver Melissa Zecha finished 9th overall in their category, and admits that with every round he has improved his driving. “It’s still a learning process for me but I am going faster and faster. The first race was exciting and I reached my aim of finishing the race while in the second, I was much faster and thoroughly enjoyed some door-to-door action with fellow competitors. In the third race which was the Enduro, I had fun racing with my co-driver Melissa, who’s a newbie to Sepang and racing in the Saga Cup but, like me, she thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”

Now that Suresh is hooked, are we going to see more of him in the future? “My first ever racing experience notably, the MSF has given me much exhilaration, laughter, adrenaline rush, fun and excitement, and I’m so glad I did it. Now, even my students think I am cool!

“Yes, for sure I am looking forward to next year’s series. I don’t have the skills of the more experienced drivers that are in the same category but the opportunity to be in the same race with them is great. It has been fantastic and fun, and I look forward to more of that,” Suresh commented.

Suresh is self financing his racing project to fulfil and to assuage his competitive desires. As he mentioned to us that perhaps it’s a mid-life crisis and definitely a life-changing experience for him, but that’s good enough to put him 14th in the rookie of the year standings in a very tough category.