Timing Transponder Location & Installation

Timing Transponder Location & Installation

Please take note the following requirements for the optimum operation of the timing transponders:

1. Ideal height 12 – 14 inches from the road
2. Line of sight to the road: not blocked by metal plate
3. This is not affected by fiber or CF material, only metal

Take the effort to create a proper mounting bracket and location for the installation of your transponder to avoid timing errors! Please refer to some photos below from other racers around the world:

This is an ideal location: safe behind the front bumper beam, around 1 foot from the road, and the signal not obstructed by any metal underneath


Another good example, as you can see, it’s roughly in the same location as the previous image


These MyLaps transponder mounting brackets are available and can make your life much easier


Here is an example of the wrong way to mount the transponder: the signal to the timing loop in the track will be impeded by the metal cross-member underneath it