Gymkhana/AutoX Champion Takes on SoloMaster!

Gymkhana/AutoX Champion Takes on SoloMaster!
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Mickey’s passion for the sport earned him multiple champion title ever since he started taking his car Autocrossing. We know him as the feller with the MRS- the ones with the Ferrari-like taillights.

Can you spot which is which?

We spoke to Mickey on how he got about driving in Autocross and Gymkhana, and his achievements thus far.

Tell us some background of yourself.

“I am an early 72 child and  born in PJ. I work at Puchong since 1993 manufacturing parts for welding machines for the automobile industry. I am happily married with 2 children.

I was born in PJ to the late Teoh Seng Kooi. He was interested in cars and racing. I was the 4th of 5 children and grew up with tyres and rims and car parts as household decors. He worked at AAM motorsports as a race organiser and also the manager of the legendary Batu Tiga race track.”

Did you ever do street racing?

“Yes I did some street racing in my younger days but unknowing of the dangers. Stopped and moved on to amateur and professional racing for safety reasons.

I have always been fascinated by race cars and the variety of shapes and designs and colors. So intriguing- the smell of race fuel and highly tuned motors driven to their maximum potential.. like Super GT cars.

But personally, my favourite car would be the JDM model Toyota MR2.”

What were some of your achievements?

“-Champion for Gymkhana X super gymkhana Thailand PRO OPEN Rear Wheel Drive category 2016.

-Champion GRA RWD category. Champion GAS gymkhana.

-Champion HIN Jakarta up to 1400 class FWD, SMSA Singapore RWD champion and Team champion.

It was always a happy moment to be able to achieve a high position and it encourages me to challenge further.”

What does it feel like when you’re sitting in your car at the start line, ready to go? Because you only get 3 shots at a setting a time.

“Always like the first time.. The adrenalin rush, the forget-course moment, the panic attacks and butterflies in the stomach.. All there but in a controlled manner. Haha

Somehow after the start everything seems like in a slow motion movie to me and always get surprised when someone told me I won.. (seriously won?!)

What do you have to say to others who want to be top level Autocrossers like you?

“Everyone should join autocrossing as it’s the next step to move on from street racing. It’s safe and doesn’t bother anyone and lots of like-minded friendly racers to call buddies. It’s my family (especially my dad and little bro) and close friends that helped me to gain the confidence and help me setup my car (my mechs and tuners too!). Its 70% driver skills and 30% car. So where else to be able to get your kicks and inspire others at the same time.. Autocrossing!”

The Man, The Legend

What ‘fighting words’ do you have to say to your competitors for the upcoming MSF SoloMaster event 2019?

“Bring it on! Clock the Tarmac!”

-END of conversation-

Think of autocross as a mini-track day with bespoke courses designed with cones. Our course is specially created for a good flow- where you can swing your car around with momentum and finesse. As clichĂ© as it sounds, it is more driver skill than car setup. So buckle up those helmets and sharpen your driving skills at an affordable level. There are stock Axia’s, Myvi’s up to Lotuses and Silvia’s. There will always be opportunities for everyone.

See you guys this 10th March at Sepang for SoloMaster Round 1, 2019!