MSF Saga Cup Time Brackets 2019

MSF Saga Cup Time Brackets 2019

The classes are:
Pro : < 2m53
Advanced : 2m53 < 3m00
Intermediate : 3m00 < 3m04
Casual : > 3m04

Article 8 of MSF Sporting Regulations 2019 states:
– Grading of Drivers within the four categories will be decided by the MSF Organising team based upon lap times at Sepang Circuit. The cut-off lap times (lap time bracket) will be determined statistically, to provide for a balanced field and number of drivers and cars within each sub-category.
– Any driver that throughout the year consistently dips into the laptime bracket of the next faster laptime bracket, will be promoted to the next sub-category.
– Definition of ‘Consistently’ in this context for Saga Cup:
In 1 race (either SUPER SPRINT, SPRINT, or Enduro) two (2) ‘bonus’ laps is permitted up to 1.500 second into the next upper bracket; strictly no lower even if just 0.001 second.
Example: bracket is 3m00 – 3m04, racers are permitted 2 laps up to 2m58.500.
– Points will not be carried forward upon upgrade to the next upper laptime bracket

– For Round 1, as we are arranging the first timing brackets, there is no margin for Qualifying. If you do a 2m58.54 in Qualifying, you will be upgraded to the next bracket.
– From Round 2 onwards, there is allowance for only ONE (1) lap of up to 0.500 seconds into the lower time bracket during qualifying; if you did that twice, or more than that 0.5 second, you will be immediately upgraded to the next bracket.