MSF Continues TOC Partnership with Race Car Building Practical Course

MSF Continues TOC Partnership with Race Car Building Practical Course

MSF’s partnership with TOC since 2018 kicked off well for the pair. Since then, no less than 200 students have been tutored; curious young minds find themselves more involved in the motorracing industry. With TOC’s Diploma in Motorsports course that has been running for some years now, the MSF-TOC Apprenticeship Program aims to provide additional classes that is focused more on team building, racing events management, advanced driving skills, and racing regulations. This year, the program has advanced further- Project ‘Saga Cup Race Car’.

Throughout 2018 and 2019, selected students from the MSF-TOC Apprenticeship Program would join MSF as part of the team for each round. Roles are juggled around between them and are monitored by each post Chiefs every round- such as Scrutineering, Timekeeping, Secretariat, Race Control, and many more- until they have identified their strengths. From there on the students will focus on that task that they have specialized in, and would then further sharpen their skills.

The new program started off well last week with 20 students signed up. The team name has been confirmed, tasks have been allocated for each students and they will be acquiring a car by this week so work can start immediately.

New team name

For 2020, MSF has split the course into 2:

Stage 2 – (Practical)

The program focuses on taking previous year students to the next level. Students will be guided to build a race-spec Saga car from scratch, which will be raced in MSF this season. They will learn to take the theories learned from previous years into practice, and fine tune their skills into building a complete race team, such as:

  • Safety 101
  • Race Engine Building
  • Body Preparation
  • Chassis and Suspension Tuning
  • Race Team Management
  • Budget and Costing

Hands-on experience will provide the students the necessary environment to work in, while controlled and supervised by instructors. To enhance the program, MSF will organize a Vehicle Dynamics Skills at the end of the course for the students to develop their driving skills. “A good motorsports technician needs to have some understanding of performance driving in order to prepare and set up a well-balanced, good performing race car,” added Adian Yein, MSF Principal.

Racing 101 – Proper Seating Position

Stage 1 – (Classroom & Theory)

The course follows the same as the previous years where students will learn theory:

  • Safety 101
  • Event Management
  • Rules & Regulations
  • Theories on Suspension
  • Theories on Engine Building
  • Race Team Management

Similar to Stage 2, the students will be able to go through a karting course at the end where they will learn Race Craft. “We aim to provide the students with a more holistic learning experience so they can understand the bigger picture at play. By placing them in a simulated dogfighting environment through karting, they can then place themselves in the drivers shoes to know what needs to be done when necessary,” said Reza from MSF. Stage 1 students will go through a test at the end of their term; the top 8 students will be chosen to work in MSF Round 3 onwards. Stage 1 intake starts in June and the program will commence in July.

“We see the excitement in the students, so let’s keep that fire alive and guide them as we should. We pass down our knowledge and experiences to them so they too can keep the ball rolling in the future,” said Adian. MSF is committed in developing the industry through various mediums such as media, events, and among many others, education- the key to springing motorsports back up to glory, with the added unique characters of the children of today.

The Saga project build will see the track on MSF Round 2, 28th June 2020.