Welcome, friends from the media! In order to tighten up our media passes management as well as risk management, we require you to submit an application for media accreditation.

No doubt everyone would like to contribute to the growth and success of MSF and Malaysian motor sports, but there have also been those that take advantage of such opportunities.

To apply for media accreditation, please complete the form below, and click SUBMIT.
We will compile, process and submit all applications, and an updated media list will be published on the Wednesday the week preceding each MSF event.

You only need to apply once per year. Applications close the Wednesday before each next event. Indemnity form will need to be signed on entry. Service lane access only permitted to photographers with official MSF hi-vis vests (refundable RM 50.00 deposit required).

If you are applying as a photographer or media with intentions to post about MSF online, we expect to be able to see your work up within a prudent time after the event. This is how we will judge your future eligibility.

Please let us know what type of media accreditation pass you require. Only 1 photographer / journalist per publication / team. Any other additional requires require special application and approval.
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