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We can officially confirm the following updates to the Technical Regulations for MSF Racing 2018:
1) all Street racing categories as well as the Saga Cup categories (remember, there will be 3 Saga  Cup categories next year!) will be restricted to Petrol (Americans call it gasoline). Any fuels or fuel blends that contain oxidisers and oxygenates in any alcohol forms (methanol, nitro-methanol, ethanol, butanol, etc) will not be permitted in these categories.
The basis for the MSF Street racing categories is affordable racing, and with this concept we are not allowing special blend fuels to be used.

2) 100% methanol as a fuel will not be permitted in all categories.
The use of alcohol blends as fuel in the Racing categories (excluding Saga Cup) will be permitted.

Water-methanol injection is not a fuel, and is permitted.

We are able to enforce this rule as MSF now has an alcohol fuel testing rig.


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