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Please take note that due to increasing number of participating vehicles, we have had to make some big adjustments to the Event Program as necessary:

1. Registration and Scrutineering starts on Saturday before Race Day, from 5:00 pm till 10:00 pm
Registration and Scrutineering will now commence the evening before, at the event venue. Registration will close at 9:00 am on Race Day, at which point if you are late to register, you may do so via the AAM Stewards and pay the fine.
Scrutineering closes at 10:45 am on Race Day. Only cars that have not yet been scrutineered for the year or have had to come back for compliance checks are required to pass through scrutineering again. The others as usual are subject to Spot Checks by the Scrutineering team which will be roving around the pits conducting these inspections.

2. Overnight Parking and Pits
Overnight parking is available in Parking P3. There are MSF crew that stay overnight, but MSF will not be held responsible for your vehicle.
Alternatively, you may move into your pits the night before, the fee is RM 50.00 per spot (Main Paddock) or RM 30 per spot (South Paddock).
You can only move into the pit that you will occupy on Race Day. EXAMPLE: If car #69 has booked and paid for pit #21 on Race Day, the car may be parked overnight in pit #21 only, for a fee of RM 50.00 on top of the Pit Fee for Race Day.
Again, MSF will not be held responsible for any vehicles or items parked overnight in the pits.
Anyone interested in moving in to the pits the night before, please contact Mohd Zahrin 017 477 2852 or Dilla 017 323 7030.

3. Night Track Session has Priority
Please take note that participants in the Night Track Session will have priority to usage of the pits that they have booked and paid for during the event session.
If you have booked and paid for an overnight pit, you may only move in once the event is over and the participants have moved out of the pits.

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