How to Register for MSF CyberTurismo


General Guide To Online Registration And Payment at

Firstly one needs to register a Profile.
From this Profile, you will be a “Team Manager” whereby you are able to input, register, and manage multiple Vehicles and Drivers / Riders.

For 1st time Registration with our system, need to complete this form ya.
Then, the system will send you an SMS to your HP for verification

Once you are registered, you will go to your dashboard Control Panel for your profile. Here it will show your history etc but importantly also you will need to register a Vehicle and a Driver.

As this was built for real world, for CyberTurismo input the general info of the Vehicle that you will be using for the Series that you are registering for: GT86 or E30 M3 for example.
For REG NO please input your PSN ID.
When you’re done with registering a Vehicle and a Driver, click the upper left most button to “Go back to” to Register for the Event.

You will also need to register Driver information in order to Register an event entry later on, so please do that too.

Then you can register for the event. The Vehicles that are in your system will be listed here, so choose which Vehicle you will use. For Cyber choose the corresponding Vehicle which u will be using for this Series.

Then you  will also need to select a DRIVER. Be sure to do this. Click on the radio button also for which Category you will be in here: ST Racer, CT Expert, or CT Advanced

Then proceed to the bottom of the screen to organise payment via the online payment gateway. Done deal!