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MSF CyberTurismo is Malaysia Speed Festival’s unique virtual racing series and championship, modelled on our real-world MSF Racing Series with similar rules, regulations, and driving discipline standards. Tweaked for the virtual racing world and for live viewership, races are very exciting and use real-world everyday-Joe cars, beautified with amazing liveries, brilliant close racing, and entertaining action!

MSF CyberTurismo will run as a Championship, with a special prize at the end of every annual Championship:
• Driver Training for the top 12 Finalists in CyberTurismo category!
• Followed by track day selection!
• Experience real-world MSF as Race Observers in Race Control!

• and a Real Racing drive with the MSF-TOC racing Proton Saga Cup car in MSF Saga Cup Finale 2020!
(subject to terms & conditions – driving license, own safety apparel, etc)

The aim is to provide the virtual racers an experience of real-world vehicle and driving dynamics, and the opportunity to experience a real-world race. This also grooms those that have an interest to be part of the race management or even become a race Steward to be provided a path to achieve these ambitions as a part-time contributor to the Malaysian motorsports industry.


MSF CyberTurismo Championship runs as a a collection of a few tournament Series, with each Series culminating in Playoffs and a Finale race:
• 3 Rounds
• then Playoffs – Top segment of each Series standings to proceed to knock-out Playoff stage
• Finale race for Series Champion
• a set number of Series leads to points for the overall Championship
Prizes – MSF podium, MSF trophies and Champion cap [just like real MSF events!]

There will be 3 categories:
i. MSF SuperTurismo Racers – strictly for Real World racers from National level events, includes MSF SuperTurismo racers, SNF racers, MCS racers, S1K racers, etc, who have previously at any point in time raced competitively in a Malaysian National racing series
ii. MSF CyberTurismo Pro – open category for online drivers other than MSF SuperTurismo racers from the Pro category (to be defined in regulations)
iii. MSF CyberTurismo Advanced – open category for online drivers other than MSF SuperTurismo racers from the Advanced category (to be defined in regulations)

Participation Fee: RM 30 per Series entry.


Base game: GT Sport on PS4

Race Event
Total car per race heat: 14
Category: N200 cars only
Circuit: to be announced within 24 hours of each race
If the race is stopped or there is any major network or system crash, any race that has run at least 75% will be deemed complete, and results will be based on the last complete lap.
All Official Results will be based on host console results.

Finale Race Event
Final races will all be 50% longer than the Rounds races.

Technical Regulations
Permitted vehicles [based on Real World]:
i) Cars that are 4 seaters / 2+2 only
ii) Engine capacity
– NA below 2500cc
– Forced induction up to 2000cc
iii) Cars are to be Locked and maintained throughout a Series, with the following regulations
– permitted to use a particular car for only 1 Series in the Cship (Example: if use GT86 for Series 1, not permitted to run this car again for Series 2, 3, and 4 of the Championship)
– 1 of the Series mandatory to use an FF NA car
– 1 of the Series mandatory to use an FR car
– For clarity, the Toyota 86 GT “Limited” 16, Toyota 86 GT ’15, and Subaru BRZ S ’15 variants will be consider as 1 same model

EXAMPLES of permitted / not permitted vehicles:
PERMITTED 2+2 coupe examples: RX7 FC, GT86, 180SX, Audi TTS
– 2 seaters: GT86 GRMN [rear bench removed], GReddy Fugu Z, Roadster Touring Car, S2000, S-FR Racing Concept, Clio Renault Sport V6, MR2 GT-S ’97, NSX, Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A (FD) ’02 [original FD is 2+2 but Spirit R Type A is a 2 seater], Alpine A110.
– Above 2500cc: BMW M3 E46, Toyota Crown

Special Technical Regulations for those that join after halfway through the Championship [Series-3 and Series-4]:
i) Not permitted to use the ‘Hero Car’ which in this case is the Audi TTS
ii) Cars are to be Locked and maintained throughout a Series, with the following regulations
– permitted to use a particular car for only 1 Series in the Cship (Example: if use GT86 for Series-3, not permitted to run this car again for Series-4)
– 1 of the Series mandatory to use a car of either of the following: FR car, or FF NA car.

In-game set up
• No driving aids
• Street tyres
• BOP enabled
• Tuning enabled for certain categories
– ST Racers
– CT Expert

Circuit will be announced 24 hrs before each Round.


All participating cars MUST create own MSF Livery based off their Real Racing Cars or something similar.

The following sponsors decals are compulsory:
MSF logo, Hankook logo, EXN Lubricants logo, TOC logo, and Food Smith.

To access the decals above, please search under DISCOVER and search for each name. Or check under PSN ID adianyein


Each round will feature a series of Racing Heats, with the participants mixed up for each Round as per diagrams below:

The Finale will be between the top points scorers in the Series after 3 rounds, who will be invited back for the Playoffs in order to qualify for the Finale, based on the details listed in the diagrams.
For the Final Race, the top finishers from the PlayOff round A, B, or C final race will be called in to participate.
If there are any participants that are not able to participate in any of the Final Racing Heats or the Final, the place will be forfeit with no replacement.


MSF will implement DSO [Driving Standards Observers] who, together with the Race Director and COC, will monitor driver’s discipline during the race and after.

The following from MSF SuperTurismo 2020 regulations will be implemented for MSF CyberTurismo Series:
a > Article 36 – DRIVING STANDARDS [click on link to download]
b > Appendix A – DRIVING STANDARDS [click on link to download]

Any drivers found to be in breach of DRIVING STANDARDS as defined in the regulations will face immediate DQ and kicked out from the series immediately.
Drivers are to respect: Racing room; and not to drive carelessly or recklessly.

If a driver is deemed to have caused critical damage to another driver’s car or cause them to deviate off course, this will be recognised as an incident and will be subject to post-race incident review by the Race Officials.
Race Officials then will decide whether a significant breach has been incurred, and if so Driver will be Disqualified. Depending on the severity of the breach, the Driver may be Banned from the rest of the Series completely.
Breaches include:
• Dive bombing
• Punting
• Deliberately causing another car to spin out and sustain damage


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